10/28 SDBS Seminar Series - Inaugural Seminar (Virtual)

Date:2020-10-28 學會公告

Speaker:Prof Hilary Ashe (University of Manchester)
Date: 28 October 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Host: Assoc Prof Wang Xiaomeng (LKCMedicine, NTU)


Zoom Meeting ID:
Meeting ID: 956 3764 1316
Passcode: 959815


Title: Uncovering cell signalling and gene expression dynamics in Drosophila
The ability of cells to respond to signals and regulate downstream gene expression is fundamental to multicellular life. We are using live imaging and the Drosophila model to uncover the dynamics
of BMP signal reception and its interpretation. I will present our recent data showing: 1) how Drosophilaovarian germline stem cells receive the critical BMP self-renewal signal; and 2) how transcriptional bursting of key BMP target genes is regulated at single cell resolution in the Drosophila embryo.